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Treadway Air Chair by Rapid inflation, compact/lightweight, inflatable air filled beach/camping chair – Ideal for festivals, gaming, fishing, dorm room, bedrooms & travel Reviews

Treadway Air Chair by Rapid inflation, compact/lightweight, inflatable air filled beach/camping chair – Ideal for festivals, gaming, fishing, dorm room, bedrooms & travel.

Product Detail


  • SUPER EASY INFLATION: If there’s a breeze, hold the end open against the wind and it will fill up like an air sock. BUT a windy day is not required to achieve optimal inflation. It can be inflated with minimal space and NO RUNNING ABOUT! No pump required and no unhygienic mouthpiece. Inflates in literally seconds. The easiest way to inflate is to SPINFLATE™! Hold it open, at arm’s length and spin in a circle. Close the end, roll up, secure clip and chill!
  • IMPRESS YOUR BUDDIES. Just watch your friends’ faces as you produce extra seating from nowhere in seconds! No more bulky, heavy, uncomfortable fold-up metal canvas chairs/beach chairs/sunbeds. The Air Chair is so compact and weighs a little over 1.5 lbs, you could fit several of them in one backpack or beach bag with ease. Once packed away, it measures a miniscule 12 x 7 x 3 inches. Yet once inflated, it holds up to 220 lbs! They are the ULTIMATE picnic/camping/music festival accessories!
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: Thinking of buying an inflatable lounger/sofa/couch/lay sack/hammock? Think again! They’re heavier, bulkier, take up so much valuable space in your backpack, and are so incredibly difficult to get inflated. The Air Chair is smaller, lighter, more compact and SO EASY. You don’t need to catch air by running 100 yards up the beach!
  • FREE GROUND STAKE included. Unlike other inflatables, this one won’t blow away in the sea breeze. Use the stake loop to tether it when you want to get off. There’s also a side pocket and it comes in a storage pouch with adjustable shoulder strap. It is made from a high quality durable rip-stop material which is also water-resistant, mildew-resistant and it’s wipe clean. Oh, and it repacks in seconds too and is easy to get back into the roomy bag. What more could you ask for?!
  • NO MORE ACHING SHOULDERS caused by lugging around heavy and bulky beach chairs/bean bags/folding chairs/camping chairs/sunbeds/deck chairs. It is so LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT. You can take it literally anywhere. It’s a CHAIR IN A BAG! Perfect for the beach, outdoor concerts, sporting events, video gaming, hiking, pool parties, fishing, parade-watching, boating, the gym and vacation! Also ideal to keep at home as spare chairs for parties, kids/teens bedrooms and dorm rooms.

Product description

Say goodbye to packed-to-the-rafters trunks, bulky bags, aching shoulders and multiple trips back to the car.

Getting out of breath by blowing up dirty mouth-pieces are now a thing of the past.

Say “hello” to a new dawn of travel chair, the Air Chair by Treadway.

Impress your buddies by producing extra seating from nowhere within seconds.

Watch people’s faces as you demonstrate the coolest camping accessory around.


It fills up within seconds, whether you’re outside on a windy day or indoors with restricted space.

If there’s a breeze, hold it open against the wind, then, simply fasten it dry-bag style.

If you’re indoors, or it’s a still day, simply use the #SPINFLATE method to scoop the air inside (full instructions included). It literally does take just seconds.

No need for a pump or to use unhygienic mouthpieces.

The Air Chair is a million times easier to fill than the lounger-style inflatables, which take so much more time and effort and still struggle to reach their optimum inflation.


It’s so compact that you can fit several into a backpack or beach bag with plenty of space remaining.

It comes in a convenient carry bag with adjustable shoulder strap.

Measures 12x7x3 inches and weighs just over 1.5 lbs.

Can handle up to x 220 lbs in weight once inflated.

Will hold air for up to 2 hours before requiring either rolling the “dry bag” end up once more to compress the air further, or re-inflation which takes just seconds.

Concerned that you’ll never get it back into the carry bag? Don’t be, it fits in easily, with room to spare.

Customer Reviews

We’ve had two of these air fill style loungers of various brands, but this is our first chair one. It is fantastic! so much easier to fill (and get out of) than the hammock loungers style. This brand seems much nicer and sturdier than the others we have and about 1/2 the price. We use them for primitive camping as they are lighter and more compact-able than your standard lightweight primitive chairs that are 4x the price. So stoked about this chair style. Super comfortable and love that it came with the long spike, as they do tend to take flight in the wind. We got ours today and immediately ordering a 2nd. Can’t wait to take it for a test run on the trail

Was a big hit for Stagecoach. It deflates after a while but it’s not a big deal. You’ll have a fun time reinflating it with your friends, especially after a few drinks. Winning!

Ok, so I bought this chair a couple of days ago with the intention of using it for a camping trip over the weekend. It arrived quickly and in good condition. It came with a plastic screw type ground stake and carry bag. The material of the bag is the same as the material of the chair so it’s tough enough to throw into my backpack along with everything else I need. I’ve seen a few people trying to blow up the long lounger types and it seemed like hard work. I wanted have a practice before my trip so I didn’t look stupid when I was there so I checked out some of the Treadway videos on Youtube. But then they sent me a video after I purchased any ways which was good. I used the ‘spinflate’ method, where you just spin in a circle and I managed to inflate it really quickly. It must have taken less than a minute to get set up. I was sat in it for almost two hours before I felt like it needed inflating again, which only took a second. My friends now all want one. Would definitely recommend.


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